45 Times Totally Inedible Things Looked Like Delicious Food (New Pics)

The hungrier you get, the lower your food standards become. But beware: not everything that looks tasty, is. In fact, some of the things that make you drool could clog your digestive system so bad, you’d be inhaling laxatives like air. To educate you about the potential dangers, Bored Panda has put together a list of “forbidden snacks” and the images will definitely open your eyes. Is that a chocolate bar or a slab of clay? A melted cat or a chunk of flour? Scroll down and tell me!


Forbidden Flour


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Have you ever heard of pica? It’s a rare disorder which makes the sufferer feel a compulsion to eat non-food items. It often occurs with other mental health disorders associated with impaired functioning (e.g., intellectual disability, autism spectrum disorder, schizophrenia).

Common cravings in people with pica include the urge to eat soil, coal, rust, chalk and paper, although people have been known to ingest a much broader spectrum of materials.



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Saw This Rock And Thought It Was A Cheesecake

Iron-deficiency anemia and malnutrition are the most common causes of pica. In these individuals, pica usually is a sign that the body is trying to correct a significant nutrient deficiency. Treating this deficiency with medication or vitamins often resolves the problems. According to the National Eating Disorders Association (NEDA), the first-line treatment for pica involves testing for mineral or nutrient deficiencies and correcting those. “In many cases, concerning eating behaviors disappear as deficiencies are corrected. If the behaviors aren’t caused by malnutrition or don’t stop after nutritional treatment, a variety of behavioral interventions are available.”


I Thought This Pine Cone Looked Like A Stack Of Pancakes, So I Made Some Butter Out Of Some Fallen Leaves


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“Pica usually appears in people of a low mental age,” Gregory O’Brien, professor of developmental psychiatry at Northumberland University, told the Guardian. “So it affects young kids and people with severe learning difficulties.” Professor O’Brien said 1%-2% of people with learning disabilities suffer from extreme pica. “It’s really not very common but when it occurs, it can be bad.”


Look At This Tiny Bunch Of Bananas


Freshly Baked Baguette


Had To Stop My Wife From Drinking This Forbidden Orange Juice


Too Hot Outside. My Dog Turned Into A Rotisserie Chicken


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Delicious Sushi


Forbidden Jelly Beans (Assorted Flavors)


First Visit To Fuerteventura, Found This Beach Ten Mins Drive From Our Hotel. The Rocks Look Like Popcorn


Forbidden Ground Beef


I Was At Work One Day When I Found This Clay In The Shelf… Forbidden Chocolate For A Kid


Creamy Latte




I Can’t Believe These Are Rubber Bands, Not Pasta Noodles


The Cleaning Lady Took This From The Bathroom And Put It In The Fridge


Thought He Was Ice Cream For A Second There


Cursed Raspberry


Tree That Looks Like Bacon


Forbidden Ice Cream


This Rock That Looks Like A Loaf Of Bread With A Bite Taken Out


Weird Place To Leave A Slice Of Bread


These Cool Snow Swirls On Logs That Look Like Ice Cream


This Tree Looks Like A Giant Broccoli


Forbidden Avacados


Forbidden Meat – Rhodochrosite Crystal


This White Wine Vinegar Gone Bad Looks Like Small American Pancakes Floating In Syrup


The Snow On This Patio Table Looks Like A Pastry Pie


Forbidden Pineapple On A Pavement


Forbidden Sushi


Forbidden Mints


Forbidden Soup


Snow In Capracotta (Italy) Looks Like Whipped Cream

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Not Sure What’s That, But It Definitely Look Like Eggs


Forbidden Beer


The Inside Of A Tennis Ball Looks Delicious


This Dog’s Leg Looks Like A Cheeto


Forbidden Ham


Forbidden Donut On My Hike Today


Bathing In A Forbidden Pizza


I Give You The “Forbidden Shawarma”


Forbidden Chocolate Bars

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Forbidden Fettuccine

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