Beauty YouTuber Jaclyn Hill is facing backlash for ‘moldy’ lipsticks


Another day, another controversy in the.

This time, popular beauty YouTuber Jaclyn Hill is facing backlash after mold, hair, and beads were found on products in her new makeup line.

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    Hill just recently launched Jaclyn Cosmetics with a line of 20 lipsticks. The products sold out instantly, but shortlyafter, customers complained of broken lipsticks, as well as melted and moldy products.

    A plethora of beauty YouTubers took to the platform to express their frustration with the latest collectionwith some calling her a liar and even canceling her.

    In a video titled THE TRUTH ABOUT JACLYN HILL COSMETICS LIPSTICKS, Youtuber RawBeautyKristi used a microscope to show the hair, beds and pitting found in the lipstick.

    Others are also whipping out microscopes to take a closer look at the lipsticks.

    Many are reporting her to the Food and Drug Administration (FDA) or urging others to do sociting safety concerns.There’s also a petition to have the makeup line recalled.

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