Denver International Airport Trolls Travelers With The Most Genius Conspiracy Theory Campaign

You’ve probably heard conspiracy theorists drone on and on about the infamous Illuminati, but what about the Denver International Airport? One of the biggest airports in the world, it’s also the most ‘mysterious’, so the media relations team decided to have a little fun with their reputation in a hilarious ad campaign for the terminal’s construction project.

Decorated with a demonic blue horse ‘Blucifer’, apocalyptic murals, baggage claim gargoyles, and underground tunnels. DIA is something straight out of a Twilight Zone episode. From its inception in the 1980’s to its opening in 1995, the airport has been under scrutiny by the public. Well all publicity is good publicity, right? At least the directors of the airport agree with the sentiment. In lew of the typical bland ‘under construction’ signs, DIA posted hilarious signs poking fun at the most popular speculations.

Spokesperson for the DIA, Emily Williams, told the Denver Post, “I think that we recognize that conspiracy theories are part of our brand. It’s a fun way that we can engage with our passengers,” adding, “The ads, which were created with agency Karsh Hagan, will stay up through the current phase of construction, which concludes next summer.”

Scroll down below to see one of the most epic troll campaigns!

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Recently, people have noticed suspicious posters at the Denver International Airport

They all seem to include cryptic messages regarding their new construction project

DIA spokesperson, Emily Williams, told the Denver Post “I think we recognize that conspiracy theories are part of our brand. It’s a fun way that we can engage with our passengers”

Each poster highlights the most popular conspiracy theories about the ‘creepy’ airport




The conspiracies started in 1995 when the airport first opened

Due to the bold and bizarre artwork and architecture

However, the mysterious airport became more mainstream when they debuted on a 2012 episode of Jesse Ventura’s “Conspiracy Theory” TV show

2016 was the first time DIA played along with the controversy and celebrated “Conspiracy Month” with a museum-style exhibit

But maybe hiding their secrets in plain sight was their plan all along…

People applauded the airport’s brilliant ad strategy and were thoroughly entertained

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