How to watch Boomerang online for free

True classicsmid-century modern furniture, Akira Kurosawa films, Princenever go out of a style, a fact Boomerang understands well. Launched in 2000 as an ad-free spin-off of , Boomerang originally served as a sort of of animation, mining Turner Broadcastings enormous archives, with a focus on classic cartoons ranging from The Flinstones to Looney Tunes. But in the last few years, in pursuit of a more rounded, family-friendly approach, the network has diversified. Sure, Tom and Jerry still occupy more than a few timeslots, but they share space with shows from Cartoon Networks ’90s golden age, like Dexters Laboratory, and more modern programming like Ben 10 and a rebooted Bunnicula. But despite its more contemporary offerings, Boomerang maintains an old-school feel.

Fortunately, if youve got a jonesing for classic cartoons, you dont need a cable subscription to access Boomerang. The channel’s relative obscurity means it’s not available on a wide array of live TV streaming services. But you do have a few excellent options.


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Here’s everything you need to know to watch Boomerang online.

How to watch Boomerang for free

There are only a couple of options for watching Boomerang online. Which one is right for you? Well, that depends on your budget, whether you want other channels or just Boomerang, and what device (or devices) you plan on streaming with. We cover all of those essential issues below. But don’t worry: No matter which option you select, you’ll be able to start with a one-week trial, allowing you to watch Boomerang for free.


Sling TV

Sling TV

Dish Networks foray into over-the-internet live TV is the most popular such service in the U.S. Thats no surprise, given the low barrier to entry it offers for many of the most popular cable networks. For only $25 a month, you can sign up for a tier of Sling TV that will handily compete with any basic cable package. Sling TV offers a slightly dizzying array of options: two distinct packages ( and) that you can sign up for separately or together (, which costs just $40 per month), and add-on packages ranging from premium channels like to storage. For Boomerang fans, you’ll need to spring for one of those add-on packagesBoomerang does not come standard in any Sling package. But it is available as part of the Kids Extra package for either Sling Orange or Sling Blue. That add-on package will run you $5 a month. And you can sign up for up to four extra packages (Kids Extra, Lifestyle Extra, Comedy Extra, and News Extra) for only $10 a month. Heres a complete guide to and our.

2) DirecTV Now Plus

DirecTV Now

DirecTV Now Plus

  • Cost:$50-$70 per month
  • Devices: Apple TV, Amazon Fire Stick and Fire TV, Roku, Chromecast, Samsung Smart TV, Android and iOS devices

In March 2019, DirecTV Now launched two new streaming options, ($50 per month) and DirecTV Now Plus ($70 per month). Both come with Boomerang, ESPN and ESPN2, Cartoon Network, MTV, and more. Both packages are on the high end for live TV, but at least they come with multiple HBO channels.

3)Boomerang standalone service



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  • Cost: $3.33-$4.99 per month (after a 7-day free trial)
  • Boomerang devices: Amazon Fire TVs, Amazon Fire Stick, Amazon Kindle devices,Apple TV, Roku, Google Chromecast, and iOS and Android devices

If you don’t want an entire live TV subscription service, and you’re truly interested in Boomerang and Boomerang alone, the channel does offer its very own standalone streaming service. You can stream the channel’s entire library of movies and episodes whenever you like, and even download your favorite shows for offline viewing. The service is $4.99 per monthalthough signing up for the annual plan drops the rate to a mere $3.33 per month. That’s a small price to pay for all the Richie Rich you could ever want.

New to ? Here are our picks for the and . If youre looking for premium services, heres how to , , and online. Want a specific channel? Heres how to stream , , , , , /, , , , , , , , , , , , , , , and , , , , , , , , , , , , , , , , , , , , the , , VH1, and , as well as . If youre on the move, heres how to and .

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This post was curated & Posted using : RealSpecific

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