What Happens Behind The Scenes Of Game Of Thrones (My 5 Comics)

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This Is How Superheroes Would Look If They Had Average American Bodies (12 Pics)

What do we expect from our favorite superheroes? Well, they should be brave, smart, skillful and strong, as well as having great morals and a desire to fight evil wherever it exists. Of course, they are usually blessed with good looks and perfect bodies too; these cosmetic enhancements are presumably just another characteristic of their ‘superness,’ something else that sets them apart from the average person. But are these physical exaggerations really necessary? Would you have as much respect for Superman’s ability to triumph over evil if he had the body of, say, Homer Simpson? Bulimia.com “When it comes to accurate depictions of the human body, comic book heroes are hardly realistic,” they wrote. “Whether they’re sprouting blades from their hands …