This Woman Had A Date During A Family Vacation, Gave Everyone A Leaflet To Answer Their Annoying Questions

Everyone who has nosy family members knows how hard it is to have a personal life. It can be really exhausting to deal with all of the questions and snooping around once they suspect that something new is going in your life. However, there are people who learn to skillfully deal with this sort of behavior. Take, for instance, Mary Beth Barone who showed everyone a perfect example of how to deal with curious extended family members.

27-year-old Mary from New York planned a date during her family vacation


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Image credits: marybethbarone

Mary, a 27-year-old stand-up comedian, and a writer from New York planned a date with a guy she met at a wedding. However the date was supposed to happen during the family holiday to Pompano Beach, Florida, so she was trying to come up with a plan how to sneak away from her family without having to explain where she’s going.

She decided to create a pamphlet to answer all of the questions her nosy family members might have

Image credits: marybethbarone

“We met at a wedding a few weeks prior to the date! He lives in Miami and I’m in New York so it seemed like a good place to meet up (since my family was vacationing just about an hour outside Miami),” she told Bored Panda.

After realizing that the best way is to tell the truth, Mary knew she has to prepare to answer a bunch of questions about the date. And she found a brilliant solution to answer all the questions at once – give her family a pamphlet of frequently asked questions. Mary’s family loved this idea. “They all have a great sense of humor! I am the youngest of 6 kids and my family is huge and super close. There were about 30 people on the trip so it was a lot of people to communicate the information to. They all laughed and had a good time with it, ” she said.


Her idea quickly went viral, and while many people were praising her, others wanted to know how did her date go. Mary explained that while the date was great, he actually ghosted her soon after. “But at least I got the pamphlet out of it,” said Mary.

After her FAQ pamphlet went viral people still had questions

Image credits: maggieofthetown

Image credits: marybethbarone

Here’s what others had to say

Image credits: Justsydnyc

Image credits: katstkat

Image credits: topomodesto


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This post was curated & Posted using : RealSpecific

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