Where Did Jon Snow Go? The Game of Thrones Ending Explained

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HBO’s Game of Thrones is finally over, and even after all the emotions (good and, lets face it, bad), we still have a lot of questions about whats next for certain key characters. If you havent finished final episode yet, be warned. Heavy spoilers are below. So where did Jon Snow go at the end of Game of Thrones?


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Where did Jon Snow go in theGame of Thronesfinale?

To no ones surprise, Grey Worm and Danys supporters dont take it lightly when Jon Snow stabs his queen just feet from the Iron Throne. Jon is imprisoned, much like Tyrion, and is left to rot there while what counts for a council debates what to do with him. Grey Worm, of course, wants him dead and says anything less wont be enough.

And yet, we do get some sort of compromise. Tyrion, now Hand to a new king, informs an imprisoned Jon that giving him to the Unsullied would start a war, and letting him walk free would start a war, so hell live out the rest of his days as a member of the Nights Watch, just as he did for a huge chunk of the show. That, of course, means having no wife, no kids, owning no land, the works.

This seems to satisfy Grey Worm. We then see Jon give his final goodbyes and head north, where hes greeted by none other than Tormund and Ghost, who finally gets the headpats he deserves. Theyre not alone, though. Theyre flanked on all sides by Wildlings young and old as they make their way further north, back to their original homelands.


In a way, its kind of a brilliant move by Tyrion and Jon. Theres really no Nights Watch left. At least not at this point, and theres no need for one anymore with White Walkers to defeated and no Wildling raiding parties to worry about.

This is Jons get-out-of-jail card, and it allows him to come (somewhat) full circle with his arc. Instead of taking the Iron Throne for himself, dying somewhere in the process, or living happily ever after with Dany, Jon Snow is instead brought back to the lands where he first truly learned how to lead and fight for survival, setting the roots for his alliance with the Wildlings throughout the rest of the show. The Wildlings themselves were forced to flee to the south when the Night Kings armies began to overrun their own settlements like Hardhome, so this is their chance to reestablish the only home theyve ever known.


Another little nugget to consider: Direwolves are typically seen only north of the Wall, so Ghost may get himself a little direwolf honey. All things considered, a relatively happy ending for Jon Snow, Ghost, Tormund, and their Wildling community.

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